Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Taiji-fied Wing Chun or WingChunized Taiji?

"Your heart is like a butterfly la" - DrTS

That was when I told him just a few weeks ago that I felt like I wanted to concentrate more on Wing Chun already. This was of course in response to him asking me to make a decision: Chum Kiu or Chen Taiji. Altogether he had already asked me this question 4 times: The first time I said Taiji, then the second time I said Wing Chun, and later on I said Taiji again....but I think finally now, I more or less 'know' why I'm choosing what I'm choosing....

After much deliberation and much viewing of both Zhu Tian Cai and Augustine Fong's forms (they're Chen Taiji and Wing Chun experts respectively), I felt that Augustine Fong was much better.

DrTS told me to think it through thoroughly and consider all angles. So I did.

Personally, what's the point of taking Chen? Yes, it's Taiji - the art with the greatest reputation in the jianghu. But also the art in which it is the hardest to achieve greatness in. Li Yi-yu said that in every 100 years there are only one or two people that can actually master Taijiquan. Discouraging? Pretty much.

But this isn't to say that Taiji is bad. This is just to point out that although I agree Taiji is good, I find it redundant to take Chen. After all I will always have my 108 Yang and 37 Cheng to practice and play with. And as they say in jianghu, "Yang Taiji never sees Chen, Chen Taiji never sees Yang". They're completely two different forms of Taiji and doing both might just result in yours truly being "zhou huo ru mo" - translated: Run fire, enter devil.

Whereas WingChun is simple. Ok, simple at first. And the best part, and which DrTS agrees with me, WingChun is much more compatible with Yang style compared to Chen. To me now, my WingChun coupled together with my Yang Taiji as it's base is synergistic. As I told DrTS, doing my Taiji is pretty much good enough as it is a complete art, but adding WingChun into it is like adding jagged teeth to the form.

But the most true to heart reason is that I don't think I can wait long enough to be able to defend myself adequetely using Taiji. I'm doing WingChun to save my ass until my Taiji blooms.

And even truer than that......It's because I like to fight. And Wing Chun gives me more chance of that than Taiji.

But anyhow....have taken Isa David on as a student and I hope working together with him will improve my martial arts skill.

Taiji with teeth - hope it works out for the best.

Oh, and a shoutout to Ken if he ever reads this.....DrTS has asked me to let you play around with the idea of doing Siu Lim Tao.

Might just add blades to your Taiji-do. :)


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This cross-over has more depth than is discussed: LiuHe BaFa has many elements of 'swinging-door' parallel to wingchun pivoting. I also had a classmate for wu-tai-chi- who cross-trained in wingchun and had formidible pushing hand skills [which only the softer water boxing would defeat]. The key is to understand that the wingchun needs to be adjusted to taichi- principles, not just those of chen family nor of the yang family [the yang pan-hou derived]

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