Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Maxims of WingChun

Retain what is coming in, send off what is retreating. Rush in upon loss of contact.

Even when you do not advance, I do not relent.

Once the opponent moves, he loses his centre of gravity.

Make the first move to gain control. Attack according to timing.

Precise use of timing is a skill gained through practice.

A confident attitude and a strong posture gives an advantage over the opponent.

Being alert and adapting to the situation allows maximum result with minimum effort.

The body follows the movement of the hand. The waist and stance move as one.

Body positioning supports the hands to make proper use of the centreline.

The mind and eyes work simultenously to guard against the point of an attack.

Face the opponent directly as you move in. Execure three moves together.

Strike at any posture that is presented. If no posture is presented, strike where you see motion.


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